Growing up in rural Devon I found an early passion for music and soon became obsessed with it; this soon became a deep fascination in drums. throughout school I was always playing and formed many good friends through musical clubs/bands by the end I had achieved my Trinity Guildhall Grade 8. I then moved to Exeter College where I continued to pursue music, simultaneously achieving my Trinity Guildhall ATCL level Diploma and ABRSM Grade 5 general music theory. I then went on to apply to one of the UK's Leading music conservatoires - Leeds College of Music and was offered an unconditional offer. Since graduating I Have been working professionally within the music industry tutoring, performing in bands and working as a session musician. 

Drumming has always and will always be a huge part of my life, I am committed to trying to share my passion for music and drumming with as many people as possible. I urge anyone who has never picked up an instrument to give it a go, it is a fantastic outlet for creativity, focus and leads to lots of social interactions with likeminded people. If you are looking for a new hobby or way to meet new people, drumming is a great place to start.