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"Tommy is a superb teacher and his lessons are fun, engaging and practical. My son, Shishir is so excited every week for his lesson and we feel very fortunate to have found Tommy! He always makes the effort to tailor the lesson to my son’s skills while also challenging and motivating him to improve. Thanks for all the effort! I would highly recommend Tommy’s drum teaching." - Janaki V, 10th August 2021

"Fantastic tutor! Would recommend to everyone no matter what level of experience you are. Tommy is a reliable, approachable and patient drum tutor who has really motivated me to improve in a short amount of time! I started off a complete beginner not able to do a paradiddle and without a drum kit of my own and now get to play grade 2 and 3 level songs and also ones I asked to learn by the Black Keys and Guns N’ Roses. He has a personalised approach so whether you want to just enjoy drumming a particular song or are aiming towards an exam he’s flexible and will work with your objectives for drumming. He’s also really good at teaching the music theory side which I’d previously never really got and had switched off for when learning other instruments but Tommy manages to make it interesting!" - Claire C, 12th March 2021

"Tommy is an amazing teacher, really patient and understanding would recommend him. He has been able to get my son interested in his drums again" - Louise B, 29th March 2021 

"Great teacher - patient, easygoing and well organised both with the lessons as well as practice/offline support. Highly recommended!" - Serena G, 1st March 2021

"Super patient and positive. Lots of praise and encouragement. Tommy is teaching 6 year old Robin to read music and he makes audible progress every lesson. Clear and concise instructions." - Kim D, 1st March 2021 

"Tommy ticks all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for in a drum tutor. Reliable, enthusiastic, organised and professional. Our 6 year old clicked with him straight away." - Michael T, 10th December 2020

"Tommy’s been great. Really patient and positive with my seven year old lad." - - Seb, 1st December 2020

"Tommy has been teaching my 15 year old son drum lessons by video during the lockdown and he has been a fantastic, responsive and helpful teacher. More than a teacher, he is becoming a real friend. We can't recommend him highly enough." - Ian C, 30th April 2020

"Great guy,really relaxed attitude. Iam a complete novice but after 2 lessons feel like I'm on the way" - Graham H, 1st March 2020

"I had a really enjoyable lesson with Tommy. He is a talented drummer with a relaxed and smiley manner, even able to put an old chap like me at ease.
Thanks Tommy."
- Tony,
20th February 2020

"My son absolutely love his drum lesson with tommy my son has adhd and tommy is so patient with him and is really good at explaining things to him I would definitely recommend tommy x" - Samantha P, 19th February 2020

"Really helpful and really friendly as well. Brought my boyfriend for his first 3 drum lessons and he really enjoyed it and is already able to play to a few songs. 10/10 would recommend!" - Bianca & Sean, 18th February 2020


 "Both my sons have really enjoyed their lessons and are feeling enthused and excited about playing the drums. Tommy is very friendly and helpful, and has built a good rapport with them both already." - Naomi, 21st January 2020

"Had 2 lessons from Tommy as a complete beginner and already feel like a drummer. The lessons are fun and interesting and he instantly puts you at ease." - Tim V, 19th January 2020

"Tommy has been a fantastic tutor for my son. He's knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has been brilliant at inspiring confidence as he's taught. My son is autistic and Tommy has been great at adapting to this, having a structure to his tuition that allows him to work with where my son is at and what he's enjoyed. My son has thrived in lessons and enjoys playing. We couldn't ask for any more." - Caroline Haley, 17th January 2020

"Tommy D is a good tutor patient with beginners like me my lessons are interesting" - Grace N, 15th January 2020

"I worked with Tommy on multiple projects over three years. He was always on time, friendly and very professional. In rehearsal time he would bring creativity and new ideas. Tommy is unbelievably talented and a pleasure to work with." - Frankie Boswell, 21st December 2019

"Tommy is one of the best, nicest and most reliable musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have recorded with him in the studio for my own music and numerous other projects and each time he smashes it out the park delivering something special. I'll always turn to Tommy for any future projects and heartily recommend anyone else too as well if you're looking for some big drums!" - Jack Murray, 19 December 2019

"It's rare that you come across a musician with immense talent and creativity that still manages to carry himself with humility and sensitivity. Having rehearsed, written and developed songs with Tommy I can vouch for this! An undeniably dedicated and inspiring player." - David Waller, 3rd December 2019

"Tommy is a talented drummer and a fantastic teacher. Even if you are a complete beginner he will immediately put you at your ease. His patient approach helps students to maximise their potential. He is 100% reliable and comes highly recommended." - Kathy D, 24th November 2019

"Tommy is a natural teacher, highly professional drummer and a great all round musician. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!" - George Thomas,  12th November 2019

"Fantastic drummer that can play in multiple different styles to suit anything you throw at him. I've played in a number of differnt bands with Tommy over the past few years and it's been a pleasure every time. Also a sound lad as well so that's a bonus." - Evan Madgin, 2nd November 2019

"Extremely solid, tasteful, drummer with a very high level of musicianship and a pleasure to deal with." - Joe Cross, 27th October 2019

"My 7 year old daughter has just started drum lessons with Tommy, she was a little nervous with it being a new teacher but he immediately put her at ease, he is very friendly and professional and keeps you updated with availability and booking lessons, Bridget has already learnt some new drum patterns after only two lessons, she has settled really well with Tommy." - Samantha L, 16th October 2019

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"Tommy was ace! Had one lesson for a complete beginner, and he was very kind and encouraging. He was completely prepared for the lesson and had clearly put thought into it- it felt very tailored. Brilliant teacher, would definitely recommend." - Fran A, 12th October 2019